Monday, January 14, 2008

let it go

sometimes you strive so hard to reach a proof that everything happens for a reason, what i figured out is as long as you are searching for that reason you'll never find it ...everything has it's own specific time...the cycle of life never stops ...oneday you will figure out the reasons you were searching for ..may be you would even stop wondering about them one day and forget them

sometimes you just have to let it go ...and let destiny takes it's course.

i think the bottom line is life is a serious of lessons ...but the question is ...are you listening to what life is trying to teach you ?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

welcome everyone, you now enetered my passion zone which is to me is a simple poem ..lots of emotions that probably can't be explained.Poetry to me is like having the ability to breathe, the right to speak, the passion to live.....may be life itself can't be concluded in a poem, but every second counts and that can be concluded in a poem...i'll be posting my poems soon. till then think about your precious moments you have lots of moments that really counts ?